Hub 2

Intelligent security control panel supporting detectors with photo verification


This is a hardware limitation. To support visual alarm verification, Hub 2 is equipped with two radio modules. The first module uses the Jeweller radio protocol, which is responsible for communication between the hub and Ajax security devices, as well as for prompt delivery of alarms. The second radio module is reserved for the new Wings radio protocol, transmitting images of MotionCam motion detector.

Hub and Hub Plus are equipped with one radio module and communicate with Ajax security devices via the Jeweller radio protocol only.

The ability to transfer hub data to a new hub (regardless of model) is ruled out by the device replacement protection system integrated into Jeweller radio technology.

We do understand the value of such functionality for Ajax users. We plan to start searching for a solution that will provide a simple and at the same time safe migration process after the release of scenarios and MotionCam detectors with visual alarm confirmation.

Hubs don’t have a Radio Signal Extender operation mode. If you need to expand the coverage of your security radio network, use ReX.

We do not provide hub exchange services for a new model or buyback.

At the same time, we guarantee that the hub you purchased will continue to work as an Ajax security system control device: it will retain the server and applications support, as well as compatibility with Ajax devices that can be delivered by OS Malevich update.

Our wireless data transmission protocol will continue to work at a GPRS rate of 0.5 kbit/s.

All Ajax detectors and devices can be connected to Hub 2 except another Ajax hubs and ocBridge Plus and uartBridge integration modules.

Correct operation of Hub 2 is guaranteed at a temperature ranging from -10°C to +40°C and humidity up to 75%.

Mounting Hub 2 inside rooms with a different temperature mode can lead to loss of communication with Ajax devices, and in the worst case — to failure of the device. Note, that the battery life of the hub can be significantly reduced at low temperatures.

Yes, the Ajax security system can operate when only one of the communication channels is used.

Nevertheless, we recommend connecting all communication channels as one channel may stop functioning. For example, if you run out of balance on your account or due to a malfunction of the operator’s equipment.

Hub 2 uses only 2G technology to transfer data via the mobile internet connection.

Yes. The built-in battery of Hub 2 provides up to 16 hours of battery life.

In the case of switching to a backup power source, a corresponding notification is sent to the user and the security company.

Hub 2 uses 3 communication channels for transmission of alarms to users and the monitoring station of a security organization: Ethernet (main communication channel) and two 2G SIM cards (backup channel). If one of the channels is temporarily unavailable, the system switches to the other one automatically and without delay.

You can install a SIM card of any operator supporting 2G internet into Hub 2.

Prior to installing the SIM card into the hub, disable the PIN code request in the settings menu (in order to do this, you need to insert the card into a phone). Furthermore, your mobile account must have a positive balance or bonus megabytes of traffic.

We recommend inserting two SIM cards into Hub 2 at the same time as one SIM card may stop functioning if you run out of balance or if a failure occurs on the provider’s side.

It is possible under the following conditions:

  • hub signal strength with all detectors and devices is 2-3 bars
  • reliable reception of the GSM signal

It is also recommended to attach the hub to the table with screws. Otherwise, if you try to demount the device, the tamper will not be triggered and you will not receive a notification.

The communication range between the hub and the device is limited by the radio signal range of the device (indicated in the specifications of the device page on the website and in the User Manual). The maximum communication range with Ajax devices is 2000 meters without obstacles.

Up to 9 security groups.

Up to 25 cameras or DVRs.

Up to 50 security system users (regular and PRO).

Up to 100 detectors or Ajax devices.

No more than 10 sirens HomeSiren or StreetSiren can be connected to the hub!

Hub 2 represents an intelligent security system control panel that supports detectors featuring photo verification of alarms.

HubHub PlusHub 2
Devicesup to 100up to 150up to 100
Cameras and DVRsup to 10up to 50up to 25
Usersup to 50up to 99up to 50
Groupsup to 9up to 25up to 9
Backup batteryup to 15 hours of battery lifeup to 16 hours of battery lifeup to 16 hours of battery life
Support of detectors featuring photo verification of alarmsNoNo Yes


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