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On integrating Ajax devices with the third-party systems and integrations of the third-party devices into the Ajax security system


  1. Click on your account avatar in the upper right corner of the screen. Select Report a Problem.
  2. A window to describe the problem will open. Describe it in as much detail as possible. Specify the exact time or period when the problem occurred. The email and username associated with the account are automatically entered in the form. This email address will receive a response from our technical support service. Check the data, and correct it if needed.
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Our support team works 24/7/365. As soon as the request is received and processed, the technical support team will respond to the email from the form.


Intrusion confirmation

Two or more devices from the list (security detectors, sirens, panic buttons, control devices):

You can also select the following devices for intrusion confirmation (please note that the devices below cannot participate in alarm confirmation if you are configuring the system to comply with PD 6662):

The in-app panic button can also be a part of alarm confirmation.

Hold-up device alarm confirmation

After-alarm indication

Two-step arming

For two-step arming, multiple control devices or one control device + detector.

To indicate an incomplete arming:

Restore after alarm


Yes, you can. The keyfob is compatible with wired and wireless systems using Ajax ocBridge Plus or Ajax uartBridge.


Add a key fob to the receiver and assign buttons to the corresponding zones. The zones must be added to the 24-hour zones of the control panel.

Only one key fob button can be assigned to a single ocBridge Plus zone. When you select the type of zone “Arming/Disarming”, two buttons of the key fob are assigned to the zone at once (arming and disarming).


Yes, if the third-party system supports the UART data interface and the communication protocol can be configured or programmed. To configure uartBridge, use the uartBridge protocol.


If you have troubles with setting up a third-party security system with uartBridge, please, contact the manufacturer of this device.


uartBridge does not have dry contacts (NC/NO outputs), but there is a two-way data transfer protocol via the UART interface. With it, you can get information about each device (battery, alarm, sensor status) and connect up to 85 devices.


57600 bps (baud)


By default, ocBridge Plus response period is set to ping detectors every 36 seconds and to signal an alert after 40 undelivered passes. Under these settings, it will take about 24 minutes for the system to recognize a communication failure.

You can adjust these settings by opening the Ajax configuration settings and connecting to ocBridge Plus. Find the Service Events Control tab, then Lost Connection, and change Passes Number. You can change response period in the Radio Zone tab.


At the moment, such an opportunity is not provided, since the equipment of other manufacturers uses other frequencies and communication protocols with the control panels.


You can connect any IP camera using RTSP to the Ajax security system. In total, you can connect up to 10 cameras to Hub, up to 25 cameras to Hub 2, Hub Hybrid up to 50 cameras to Hub Plus, and up to 100 cameras to Hub 2 Plus.

Dahua cameras and video recorders can be added by scanning their QR codes (similarly to Ajax devices). And EZVIZ, Hikvision and Safire video surveillance systems can be added to the hub with a few clicks. So you don’t have to waste time on setting up network equipment.

Video recorders allow you to bypass the limit on the number of video surveillance devices that can be connected to the hub. The video recorder is a single device to which you can connect multiple video cameras. The video stream from each camera will be available in the Ajax app.


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