ReX 2

Radio signal range extender with alarm photo verification support


ReX 2 with a standard power supply unit operates off 110-240 VAC mains.

To connect ReX 2 to 12 V circuits, use 12V PSU.

12V PSU is required to connect the range extender to the power system of a car, trailer, yacht, or an external battery/power supply.

To connect ReX 2 to 6 V circuits, use 6V PSU.

6V PSU is required to allow the range extender to run on an external battery for years — without being connected to the facility’s electric power system — and be ready to protect run-down or empty premises as well as buildings under construction against burglars, vandals, or unauthorized occupants.

You can calculate the run time of ReX 2 from an external battery using a calculator.


Central panels: ReX 2 can be connected to Hub 2 and Hub 2 Plus.

Range extenders: ReX 2 cannot be connected to another radio signal range extender.

Integration modules: ReX 2 cannot be connected to ocBridge Plus and uartBridge.

Power supplies: ReX 2 is compatible with 12V PSU for Hub 2/ReX 2 and 6V PSU for Hub 2/Hub 2 Plus/ReX 2.

Other devices: ReX 2 is compatible with all Ajax devices that support Jeweller and/or Wings radio protocols.


You can connect up to 5 ReX 2 range extenders to a compatible hub. Connection to another range extender is not provided.

ReX 2 is compatible with Hub 2 and Hub 2 Plus. Connection to other hubs and ocBridge Plus and uartBridge integration modules is not provided.


The delivery time for photo verifications via ReX 2 range extender depends on the type of detector and the resolution of the images:

Detector Photo resolution Photo delivery time via range extender
MotionCam 160 × 120 Up to 9 seconds
320 × 240 (default) Up to 19 seconds
640 × 480 Up to 36 seconds
MotionCam Outdoor 320×176 (default) Up to 13 seconds
640 × 352 Up to 30 seconds

The values​​ are obtained with a signal strength of 3 bars between ReX 2 and the detector, as well as the hub and ReX 2. The hub is connected to the internet via Ethernet or 4G.


If the detector is connected via a range extender, alarms are delivered in 0.3 seconds.


If the connection between the hub and ReX 2 is lost, all devices connected to the range extender also lose their connection with the hub.

Devices that have lost connection with the hub cannot transmit events, alarms, or photos to users and the security company monitoring station until connection is restored.

Thanks to OS Malevich, the range extender combines detectors into an autonomous group. If ReX 2 receives an alarm signal from the detector after the loss of communication, the range extender will activate the siren connected to it.


To increase the radio communication range of your KeyPad Plus, use the radio signal range extenders.


Yes, DualCurtain Outdoor works with radio signal range extenders.


With OS Malevich 2.9 update, temporary deactivation of devices without removing them from the system has become available. Deactivation may be necessary if the device is incorrectly installed or configured, loses connection with hub, or is defective.

To deactivate a device, go to its settings (Ajax appDevices tab → select the device you needSettings Temporary Deactivation).


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