How to disable device events once for a time the armed mode is active


With the One-Time Deactivation setting, you can exclude the device from the system or disable its notifications on the lid state for a time the armed mode is active. For example, if System Integrity Check is on but you need to arm the system and leave the ventilation window open.

The One-Time Deactivation setting is off once you disarm the system. Only users with access to the device settings can disable the device events.

The deactivated device cannot execute system commands or run automation scenarios. The users and the security company do not receive push notifications, SMS, or calls about this device’s alarms, malfunctions, and other events. The current device states, like the status of connection with the hub or battery charge level, are still displayed on the Devices tab.

Use the Permanent Deactivation setting if you need to deactivate the device without removing it from the system.

Requirements for the setting to work correctly

One-Time Deactivation is supported by hubs (except the Hub model) with OS Malevich 2.15.2 and higher. You need Ajax apps of these versions or higher:

For iOS phones For Android phones For desktop

Ajax Security System 2.25

Ajax PRO: Tool for Engineers 1.9

Ajax Security System 2.28.0

Ajax PRO: Tool for Engineers 1.19.0

PRO Desktop 3.8

It is impossible to exclude Ajax control panels from the system.

Except for hubs, the setting is available for all Ajax devices, as well as for third-party wired devices connected to the system via MultiTransmitter.

How to configure One-Time Deactivation

  1. Open the Ajax app and select the hub. Make sure that it is disarmed.
  2. Go to the Devices tab.
  3. Select the device and go to its Settings by clicking the icon.
  4. Go to the One-Time Deactivation menu item and select one of the available options:
    • No — the device operates in normal mode and transmits all events.
    • Entirely — the device will not execute system commands or run automation scenarios. The system will ignore device alarms, low battery warnings, notifications about the lid opening, loss/restoration of communication with the hub, etc.
    • Lid only — the system will ignore tamper alarms. At the same time, the security system will record other device events (alarms, malfunctions) and transmit them to Ajax apps and the Central Monitoring Station (CMS).
  5. Click Save.
  6. Repeat steps 2–5 for other devices that need to be disabled.

When the device events are enabled/disabled, the CMS and users receive the corresponding notification in the Ajax apps.

Depending on the selected option, the device is marked with an icon:

  1. — the device is completely excluded from the system once for a time the armed mode is active.
  2. — the system ignores notifications about the device’s lid state once for a time the armed mode is active.

How the setting works

When System Integrity Check is enabled in the hub settings, the devices with deactivated events are not considered. It is a one-time thing: the One-Time Deactivation setting is off once you disarm the system. Notification about arming with malfunctions will appear in the event feed. Click the icon to see the list of devices with deactivated events and malfunctions.

If the Alert with a siren if lid of hub or any detector is open option is enabled in the hub settings, the siren does not respond to alarms of the deactivated device.

One-Time Deactivation works in parallel with Permanent Deactivation and will be disabled once you disarm the system. At the same time, the Permanent Deactivation setting remains unchanged.

How Ajax devices work when One-Time Deactivation is on

  1. When the radio signal range extenders are deactivated, the system ignores only their events. Detectors connected via range extenders operate in normal mode.
  2. Deactivated automation devices do not run automation scenarios. When deactivated, the device saves the current state (active or inactive). It is impossible to change the state of the deactivated automation device in the app.
  3. Deactivated fire detectors do not trigger the Interconnected Ajax Fire Detectors Alarm. At the same time, smoke detection triggers the detector’s built-in siren.
  4. The deactivated KeyPad displays the security system status (armed or disarmed) with indication but does not execute commands.
  5. The deactivated Ajax SpaceControl does not send arming/disarming commands, and the panic mode is inactive.
  6. The deactivated Button in the panic mode does not transmit alarms to the hub. In the control mode, it does not start automation scenarios. The deactivated DoubleButton does not send alarms to the hub.

StreetSiren with a firmware version older than 3.71.0 cannot be deactivated.

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