On types of user accounts in the Ajax security system and their rights


To create the Ajax account:

  1. Install and open the Ajax Security System app.
  2. Click Create Account.
    create ajax account
  3. Fill in all the fields, accept the terms of the End User Agreement, and click Create Account. Note that you can only register one account per in the Ajax Security System app per one email or phone number).
    create ajax account
  4. You will receive two verification codes: one by SMS and one by email. Enter them to the appropriate fields and click Send. Do not pass these codes to third parties.
    If you haven’t received any of these codes, click “haven’t received code yet?”, enter the email and phone number again — you will be called back from the phone number, the last three digits of which you will need to enter along with the code received on the email.
    If these steps didn’t help, please contact Support.

    create ajax account
  5. Log in to your Ajax account using your email and password.

Most likely, several users are receiving SMS alerts. For example, if three people receive SMS alerts, then each notification is sent out three times.

The user identifier is a unique number which is assigned by the hub to the specific user being added.

If the user has several hubs, they will be assigned their own unique number in each hub

Your own user identifier can be found in the profile settings (Hub Settings User settings ).

Your identifier and combinations for using the keypad personal password are displayed in the settings menu.

In order to change the password in the Ajax application:

  1. Click Log in and then Forgot password.
  2. Specify email or select the country and enter the phone number associated with the account that you are trying to restore access to. Click Continue.
  3. Enter the codes received by SMS and email. In order to restore access to your account, you must enter both codes.
  4. Enter the new password in the appropriate fields and click Send.
  5. Sign in using your new password.

If you do not have access to the email or phone number linked to your account, contact the support team

Select Hub in the APP, and go to settings . Under the Users tab, select the user who wants SMS alerts. Go to that user’s settings and activate SMS.

ajax security system application

Please note that SMS may attract additional costs depending on the terms of the tariff plan.

Create a new user account at Ajax app. Select Users in the Hub settings. Choose Send Invite Code and enter the login (the e-mail address) of the new user.

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