12V PSU for Hub 2

A power supply unit, connecting the Hub 2 control panel to a low-voltage power source


Divide the capacity of the external battery by the power consumption of the central panel.

Power consumption of the central panel depends mostly on active communication modules — the average values ​​are indicated in the table:

Central panel Active communication modules Average input current
Hub GSM 42 mA
Ethernet 80 mA
GSM+Ethernet 90 mA
Hub Plus GSM 35 mA
Ethernet 72 mA
GSM+Ethernet 93 mA
Wi-Fi 20 mA
Wi-Fi+GSM 42 mA
Wi-Fi+Ethernet 80 mA
Wi-Fi+GSM+Ethernet 96 mA
Hub 2 GSM 33 mA
Ethernet 80 mA
GSM+Ethernet 86 mA
Hub 2 Plus GSM 146 mA
Ethernet 200 mA
GSM+Ethernet 248 mA
Wi-Fi 98 mA
Wi-Fi+GSM 147 mA
Wi-Fi+Ethernet 213 mA
Wi-Fi+GSM+Ethernet 285 mA
ReX 20 mA

For instance, when connected to a 40A·h battery, Hub 2 — with active GSM module only — will operate approximately 1200 hours (40A·h / 0.033A).


Replace the standard 110/230 V power supply unit with 12V PSU for Hub 2/ReX 2.


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