Maintenance and repair


Fault diagnosis

Performance testing of the device hardware components as requested by the client.

Preventive care and cleaning

Professional technical maintenance of the device.

Component and modular repairs

Repair of a faulty device at Ajax Systems production site with a full cycle of performance testing. 6 months warranty.

Body parts replacement

Replacement of damaged or missing body or mounting elements of the device. 6 months warranty.

Warranty replacement

Replacement of a faulty device during the warranty period.

Software update

Installation of the most recent firmware version on the detector, siren, panic button, keyboard, key fob, relay or integration module.

Ajax Service Center

Kyiv, 04073
5 Semena Skliarenka Street
Opening hours
Monday – Saturday: 9:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.
Sunday: day off
  1. Send the device to out details
    5 Semena Skliarenka Street
    Phone number
    +38 (097) 745-62-20
    USREOU code
    We pay the delivery fee for transferring within Ukraine
  2. Fill out the application and indicate the TTN number
  3. Receive the device
    After performing maintenance or repair, we will send you the device to the Nova Poshta branch specified in the service request.
Upon receiving the hub from the service center, check if the settings are correct. If the device is being monitored, ensure the security company receives events from the hub.

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