Wireless panic button with protection against accidental activation


Panic button has an IP54 ingress protection rating, making it dust and splashes resistant.

Button is easy to carry around. You can always keep it on a wrist or a neckless.

Button has two accidental press protection systems:

Long press — in order to send an alarm, you need to hold the button down for 1.5 seconds.

Double press — in order to send an alarm, you need to press the button twice with a pause of not more than 0.5 seconds.

The protection is set in the Ajax app in the button settings (Devices — Button — Settings )

The Button panic button, when pressed, communicates an alarm to the users, as well as to the security company console.

In the Ajax app:

  1. Go to the Devices tab
  2. Select Button
  3. Go to its Settings
  4. Assign a user

Now, each button press is displayed in the application as an event, initiated by the user assigned to the device.

Button transmits commands at a distance of up to 1,300 meters from the hub. Any obstacles that obstruct the signal (for example, walls or floors) will reduce this distance.

No provision is made for connection to the ocBridge Plus and uartBridge integration modules. Button only connects to Ajax hubs.

No. The Button only works with Ajax hubs.

Button only works with one hub. When connected to a new hub, the Button stops transmitting commands to the old hub.

Once added to a new hub, the Button is not automatically removed from the devices list of the old hub. This must be done manually through the Ajax app.

The maximum communication range between the hub and the Button is 1300 meters without obstacles between the devices.

If Button commands are not delivered to the hub, try relocating the central unit.

If after relocation the range is still insufficient, use ReX — the security system radio signal range extender.

Button works with all Ajax hubs with firmware version OS Malevich 2.7.101 or later.

In order to replace the battery:

Separate the body halves with a thin flat object.

Remove the discharged battery.

Install a new battery of type CR2032. The + mark on the battery must match the + on the device board.

Never install discharged or damaged batteries.

Re-assemble the Button and check its functioning by pressing the button.

Before checking, be sure to notify the security company and the connected users, and also disable siren activation in the Button settings, if you don’t want sirens to react the button alarm.

Check the battery status in the Ajax app. The value of Button battery level is only updated after pressing.