Module for integrating wired third-party devices into Ajax


The hub communication range is up to 2,000 meters, provided there are no obstacles.

Please note that any obstacles that impede the radio signal transmission (walls, inter-floor constructions inside large facilities) may significantly reduce the radio communication range.


MultiTransmitter is not compatible with ocBridge Plus, uartBridge, and third-party security central units.


The maximum length of a signal cable to connect a device or a detector is 400 meters (the copper-plated aluminum cable of 0.22 mm² in its cross-section). The value may vary if a different type of cable is used. No other types of cables have been tested.


Yes. The integration module has 3 power supply lines of 12 V: one dedicated line for fire detectors and two, for other devices.

Please keep in mind that the total maximum consumption of all connected devices or detectors should not exceed 1 A.


Six types are available:

Type Icon
ajax multitransmitter
Intrusion alarm
ajax multitransmitter
Fire alarm
ajax multitransmitter
Medical alarm
ajax multitransmitter
Panic button
ajax multitransmitter
Gas concentration alarm
ajax multitransmitter

You can select the type of alarm in the zone settings. Your selection will configure the connected device’s alarm and event notifications and the event codes transmitted to the Central Monitoring Station (CMS) of the security company.


Supported connection types:

Designation Type
NO Normally open
NC Normally closed, without resistors
EOL (NC with resistors) Normally closed, with resistors
EOL (NO with resistors) Normally open, with resistors

Supported detector types:

  • Pulse
  • Bistable

We recommend using a 12 V battery of 4 or 7 A⋅h. This type of battery requires special racks in the body.

You can also use similar batteries of a different capacity, of the matching size and with the charging time of no more than 30 hours. The maximum battery size installed in the body should be 150 × 64 × 94 mm.


MultiTransmitter is powered from the mains 100–240 V AC; it can also run on a 12 V backup battery.

Please keep in mind that the 12 V terminals should not be connected to any power supply units.


We recommend connecting no more than 1 detector per 1 wired zone of the integration module (total of 18).

Please note that with multiple detectors connected per 1 wired zone, the total maximum consumption of all connected devices or detectors should not exceed 1 A.


The MultiTransmitter integration module has 18 wired zones.


With OS Malevich 2.9 update, temporary deactivation of devices without removing them from the system has become available. Deactivation may be necessary if the device is incorrectly installed or configured, loses connection with hub, or is defective.

To deactivate a device, go to its settings (Ajax appDevices tab → select the device you needSettings Temporary Deactivation).


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