ocBridge Plus

Module for Ajax device integration with third-party wired and hybrid security systems


Multiply the polling period of the required detector by the number of gaps to find out the amount of time in seconds.

You can do this only using ocBridge Plus.

To assign an external terminal to another zone:

  1. In the configurator, in the sensor settings, switch on the external terminal.
  2. Select the desired zone for the external terminal and save the settings.

When using a hub, this configuration can not be implemented

Yes, but only when the zone is configured to Arm/Disarm mode. The Arm and Disarm buttons will be assigned to the zone.

Connect the bridge to your computer with a miniUSB cable. Install the driver from the disc that comes with the kit. Run the Ajax configuration program, select the port and click Connect.

We recommend connecting the S output (loss of communication).

This output is responsible for tamper resistance ocBridge Plus. It provides an instantaneous alert when the two tampers are simultaneously pressed.

20 seconds after the fixing of the jamming on the entire range of operating frequencies.


Connect the B terminal to the always active zone on the wired control panel. The alarm signal will arrive in a day if the charge level of the detector battery never rises above the threshold value during this period.

Discharge of the battery in the SpaceControl key fob does not raise an alarm through the B terminal.

Connect all service zones in parallel and set the type of zone to NO.

Yes, but the detector battery life is reduced in this case. In order to disable it, run the Ajax configuring program. Select “Arming” and then “Disconnect” in the terminal settings.

The IN terminal is responsible for arming and disarming of the ocBridge Plus. It enables the detector battery consumption to be reduced during the arming and disarming of the security system.

Yes, you can. The keyfob is compatible with wired and wireless systems using Ajax ocBridge Plus or Ajax uartBridge.

Add a key fob to the receiver and assign buttons to the corresponding zones. The zones must be added to the 24-hour zones of the control panel.

Only one key fob button can be assigned to a single ocBridge Plus zone. When you select the type of zone “Arming/Disarming”, two buttons of the key fob are assigned to the zone at once (arming and disarming).

uartBridge does not have dry contacts (NC/NO outputs), but there is a two-way data transfer protocol via the UART interface. With it, you can get information about each device (battery, alarm, sensor status) and connect up to 85 devices.

By default, ocBridge Plus response period is set to ping detectors every 36 seconds and to signal an alert after 40 undelivered passes. Under these settings, it will take about 24 minutes for the system to recognize a communication failure.

You can adjust these settings by opening the Ajax configuration settings and connecting to ocBridge Plus. Find the Service Events Control tab, then Lost Connection, and change Passes Number. You can change response period in the Radio Zone tab.

The detector is set to Always Active. If you don’t need this level of security, you can turn it off in the detector settings.

Always active mode is required for round-the-clock protection of an object, regardless of security system status (armed or disarmed)