What is the system integrity check?


The System integrity check is a parameter that is responsible for checking the status of all security detectors and devices before arming. Checking is disabled by default.

This function is mandatory for professional security systems. It does not allow activating the arming mode if the window is not closed in the room, the detector lid is open, or communication with one of the devices is lost.

You can define restrictions in the hub settings. When this option is active, you can specify whether to allow arming with malfunctions or not.

If arming with malfunctions is allowed, and a malfunction was detected when trying to arm, you will need to confirm arming with the device from which you tried to arm (by pressing the arming button in the app or re-arming from SpaceControl/KeyPad).

All users of the hub with the appropriate rights and settings receive notifications about arming with a complete list of malfunctions. The monitoring station of the security company also receives corresponding notifications.

All SpaceControl key fobs with firmware version up to 3.18 arm the system even if warnings about the presence of malfunctions are enabled (if arming with malfunctions is allowed).

List of malfunctions:

How to set up a system integrity check

1. In the Ajax app, go to:

  • Hub → Settings → Service → System integrity check

2. Activate the System integrity check option.

3. Select the hub states, which should be taken into account in the process of checking the system integrity before arming (all states are enabled by default).

  • Battery charge
  • Power supply availability
  • Lid state
  • Noise level
  • Server connection
  • Monitoring station connection

Please note that when the integrity check of the system is active, the status of other system security devices (tampers, battery level, states of bistable detectors) are checked regardless of the selected hub states.

4. Activate the Arming permission option, if necessary. When the option is active, the system users can arm the system even in case of malfunctions.

In case of arming with malfunctions, system users of the system and the monitoring station will receive appropriate notifications. System malfunctions list displays in Ajax apps after i is pressed opposite the notification in the events feed.

5. Click Back, and the settings will be saved.