How to connect the roller shutter motion detector to DoorProtect Plus


To connect the roller shutter wired motion detector with an NC (normally closed) contact to Ajax DoorProtect Plus, use a remote terminal. The Ajax app allows you to configure the conditions under which the detector will raise an alarm. The function is available for the devices with firmware version and higher.

How to find out the device firmware version

The roller shutter motion detector transmits an alarm to the hub through DoorProtect Plus only. Connection via ocBridge Plus and uartBridge is not provided.

Detector сonnection

Install the roller shutter motion detector according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure the detector works correctly and proceed to connect to DoorProtect Plus.

The roller shutter motion detector is connected to DoorProtect Plus through a socket for external detector on the rear panel of the device.

roller doorprotect plus

Note that the wire length from the roller shutter motion detector to DoorProtect Plus should not exceed 3 meters. If a longer wire is used, correct operation of the detector is not guaranteed.

If a wire break fault for more than 1 second is detected, DoorProtect Plus raises an alarm.

There are two plugged slots on the rear panel of DoorProtect Plus. To line out the wire to the roller shutter motion detector and fix the DoorProtect Plus to the SmartBracket panel, break out the plug on the correct side.

roller doorprotect plus

Setting up the detector

After connecting the roller shutter motion detector, select the Roller Shutter Detector type of external detector in the DoorProtect Plus setup menu. This setting is disabled by default.

Select the roller shutter detector in external contact type settings. Two additional menus will appear at the bottom: time before alarm selection menu and impulses before alarm selection menu. An option to activate the siren when the shutter motion detector is triggered will also be added.

roller doorprotect plus

The Impulses before Alarm parameter determines how far the roller shutters can be opened before DoorProtect Plus raises the alarm. The roller shutter opening detector sends the first impulse when the roller shutter moves. Subsequent impulses are sent as the roller shutter opens.

The number of impulses is set in increments of one pulse.

roller doorprotect plus

The Time before Alarm setting determines the time interval for counting a given number of impulses. Time is counted from the moment the first impulse is received from the roller shutter motion detector. The impulse counter is reset to zero upon expiry of the set time.

The time before the alarm is set in increments of 5 seconds.

roller doorprotect plus

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