What is alarm restoration transmitted to the CMS and how to configure it?


The setting allows you to select when the alarm recovery event will be sent to the CMS of the security company: immediately (upon detector recovery) or when disarming. By default, a recovery event is sent as soon as the detector is restored.

How to configure sending of alarm recovery to the CMS

1. Sign in to the Ajax app

  • Hub → Settings → Monitoring Station → Alarm Restoration on ARC

2. Specify when the recovery event will be sent to the CMS of the security company:

  • Immediately (default). A recovery event is sent immediately after a detector is restored.
  • When disarmed. The restore event is sent only after the system is disarmed.

This function does not apply to detectors that are always in the active mode.

3. Enable the Send panic (hold-up) device restoration event option, if necessary. The function works as follows:

  • When the function is active (by default), the hub sends the restoration event 3 seconds after the alarm is raised.
  • When it is disabled, the hub does not send the restoration event.

Please note that the function applies to all panic buttons in the Ajax security system:

4. Click Back, and the settings will be saved.

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