Problems that can be solved with the Transmitter / MultiTransmitter


You can use the Transmitter to connect any detectors or devices with NC/NO outputs to the Ajax security system, for example, a gas, perimeter, temperature, or vibration detector, a panic button, etc.

It is also possible to configure one of the five types of alarms for the connected device, which will best match the type of the threat:

  • intrusion
  • fire
  • auxiliary request
  • panic button
  • gas leak

If you want to connect several wired detectors at once, we recommend using MultiTransmitter. This integration module allows simultaneous connection of 18 wired devices.

Alarms when the temperature exceeds the specified range

ajax transmitter

To receive alarms when the temperature rises up or falls below a specified level, an external thermostat is connected to the Transmitter. The temperature range is adjusted on the thermostat. To indicate the upper and lower extreme temperature, use the NO contacts on the alarm loops, and connect the NC contacts to the tamper contacts of the Transmitter.

Gate closure confirmation

ajax transmitter

To control the gate closure and see the openings/closing history, the Transmitter and a wire reed switch or a limit switch can be used.

Safe control

ajax transmitter

To protect a safe (art piece or any other valuable object), an external tamper and the Transmitter can be used. When the safe is moved, the tamper button will be clicked, so you and the security company will get an alarm.

Water level control

ajax transmitter

A float sensor makes it possible to monitor the water level in a vessel and send a report if it is exceeded. Such detectors protect the pump from non-load running while pumping water and help to control the water level in a pool or well.

The connection of the security panel alarm button

ajax transmitter

An external alarm button for sending an alarm to the security console can also be connected via the Transmitter. Movies often show a bank robbery action, when an employee presses a button under the table and gives an alarm.

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