How can a security company enable billing for Ajax systems


Many security companies face late payments for services by clients. To prevent the problem from expanding to a business-threatening scale, debtors are assigned to sales managers. And the time employees could spend looking for new clients is spent on communicating with the existing ones.

To inform security company clients about the status of their bills, we integrated billing into the Ajax. When the service is enabled, the validity period of the services and the personal account balance are displayed on the main screen of the Ajax app. If the client forgets to pay, the text in the bar will turn alarming red. No one can fail to notice such a message.

How security company billing is integrated in Ajax

The security company uploads a 1C database (or similar software) with information about the clients’ balance to the Ajax billing server. The server processes the database and updates the information in Ajax applications within 10 minutes. Ajax applications display the client’s personal account balance and the period for provision of security services.

Regular automatic update of the database can be configured on the 1C (or similar software) side.

How to enable billing

For billing to work, the company should appear in the list of security companies in Ajax applications. To get included in this list, contact Ajax Technical Support.

To access the billing service, email us or contact your Ajax manager.

After you enable the service for the security company, upload the JSON file to the Ajax billing server. The file should have a specific name and fill-in format. Otherwise, the billing service will not work.

How to update payment data in Ajax applications

To do this, upload the updated JSON file to the Ajax billing server. You determine the frequency of file updates yourself, but keep in mind that the billing server needs up to 10 minutes to process the client data file. After the billing server processes the file, the latest payment data for security services will be displayed in Ajax applications.

If you still have questions, please contact Ajax Technical Support.

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