What will happen to Hub after the release of OS Malevich 2.11 in April 2021


Ajax Hub, the first Ajax security system control panel, was released in 2016. Since then, Hub has received 30 free software updates and hundreds of new features. In April 2021 Hub upgrading is coming to an end.

We continue to produce Hub (the model introduced in 2016), but switch it into Support Mode. The system control panel remains fully functional, but it will not support new devices and features, which will be implemented with OS Malevich 2.11 and higher.

The Hub model is compatible with Ajax devices:

To use new devices and features of the Ajax security system, you will need another control panel: Hub 2, Hub 2 Plus. To learn more about the hubs’ differences, follow the link.

To transfer settings and devices from an old hub to a new one, use the Data Import feature. The detailed data transfer manual is available here.

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