uartBridge user manual


uartBridge — is the module for integration with third-party wireless security and smart home systems.

A wireless network of smart and secure Ajax detectors can be added to a third-party security or smart home system through the UART interface.

Supported sensors:

Integration with third-party detectors is implemented at protocol level.

Tech specs

Communication interface with central unit

UART (speed 57,600 Bd)



Radio signal power

25 mW
Communication protocol Jeweller (868.0−868.6 MHz)

The maximum distance between a wireless detector and uartBridge receiver

Up to 2,000 m (in open area)

Maximum number of connected devices

Detection of jamming Yes
Software update Yes
Detector performance monitoring Yes

Power supply voltage

DC 5 V (from the UART interface)

Operating temperature range From -10°С to +40°С

Operating humidity

Up to 90%

64 х 55 х 13 mm (without antennas)

110 х 58 х 13 mm (with antennas)


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