How to provide stable system operation if the hub loses connection with the Ajax Cloud server


An Ajax system keeps operating stably and transmits alarms or events to the Central Monitoring Station (CMS) in case of connection problems. For example, if one of the communication channels stops responding or connection with the server is lost. All you need is to adjust some settings and add devices for alerting or manually controlling the security modes.

Provide backup communication channels

When configuring a system on-site, we recommend activating all the communication channels the hub model provides, like Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and a cellular network. If the connection through one channel is lost, the hub will switch to another available one. If several communication channels are activated, preference is given to the fastest one, which is Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Cellular network serves as a backup communication channel and consumes minimal traffic when other channels are available.

We recommend using two SIM cards from different cellular carriers. In this case, the hub will not lose connection if one of the operators fails.

Monitor and top-up your SIM card balance promptly to keep this communication channel available.

Use Ajax SIM service to seamlessly integrate with an Ajax system, providing comprehensive control of residential and commercial premises. It automatically selects the best cellular network and carrier, ensuring robust mobile communication and reliable event and alarm transmission.

You can also install the second SIM card when using Ajax SIM.

Add alternative devices to control and alert

Add alternative control devices to the hub, such as KeyPad TouchScreen or Ajax SpaceControl key fob. Use them to change the security mode locally when it is impossible to do this in the app, for example, due to a loss of connection with Ajax Cloud or the Internet.

Use Ajax sirens to alert users or a rapid response team near the object. The sirens also deter intruders attempting to enter the premises.

Configure CMS connection

Connect the hub to the CMS using Ajax Translator. To do this, use connection through the Ajax Cloud server and direct connection. The ability to use these two ways to connect the security system with the monitoring station provides backup and increases reliability. If the connection with Ajax Cloud is lost, the hub will continue to transmit events and alarms directly to the CMS.

Ajax Translator is an app that converts hub events into a format supported by CMS software. Ajax Translator supports SIA DC-09, SurGard (Contact ID), ADEMCO 685, and other proprietary protocols. All data transmitted from the hub to the CMS is protected by block encryption featuring a dynamic key, regardless of whether the hub is connected to the CMS via Ajax Cloud or directly. Ajax Translator transmits photo verification of alarms and coordinates when the panic button in the Ajax app is pressed.

Photo by alarm will be sent to the monitoring station only if the following conditions are met:

  • The system is connected to the CMS via Ajax Cloud.
  • The protocol and CMS support photo transmission and reception.

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