How Ajax notifies users about technical maintenance on the Ajax Cloud server


Ajax Systems notifies all users of Ajax apps about technical maintenance on the Ajax Cloud server — a corresponding warning appears in the app. PRO users receive these warnings in advance. By pressing it, a pop-up window appears, providing detailed information about scheduled server maintenance and potential limitations of app operation during this time.

For regular users, on the other hand, the warning appears only when the maintenance is in progress. In a pop-up window with information about ongoing server maintenance, users can see the estimated time to restore the Ajax app operation.

Technical maintenance on the cloud server may impact the functioning of Ajax apps, but it does not affect system functionalities:

  • if sirens are installed at the facility, they respond to detectorsʼ alarms;
  • range extenders function normally;
  • automation scenarios are stored on the hub, allowing automation devices to continue executing them;
  • the system arming mode can be changed using keypads and key fobs;
  • the system informs users about alarms via SMS and calls if an installed SIM card has a sufficient balance and relevant settings are enabled;
  • system events are stored in the buffer memory and will be loaded into apps as soon as the connection with a cloud server is restored.

Communication with the central monitoring station (CMS) remains stable when using a direct connection.

Warnings about technical maintenance are available in Ajax apps of the following versions or higher:

  • Ajax PRO: Tool for Engineers 1.25.1 for iOS
  • Ajax PRO: Tool for Engineers 1.24.1 for Android
  • Ajax PRO Desktop 3.13.1 for macOS
  • Ajax PRO Desktop 3.13.1 for Windows
  • Ajax Security System 2.31.1 for iOS
  • Ajax Security System 2.33.1 for Android

To check for available app updates, please follow the links below:

Ajax PRO: Tool for Engineers PRO Desktop Ajax Security System

Update on Android

Update on iOS

Update on Windows

Update on macOS

Update on Android

Update on iOS


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