How to install FireProtect fire detector correctly


FireProtect installation recommendations are general and do not take into account local fire safety standards. The recommendations are based on standards CEN/TS 54-14 and EN14604.

The rules and regulations for installing fire detectors may vary by region. Check the regulations in your area or consult a professional before installation.

In which rooms FireProtect should be installed

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FireProtect fire detector reacts to smoke, exceeding the limit temperature (60°C), and a sharp rise in temperature (by 30°C within 30 minutes or less).

We recommend to install FireProtect detector in all rooms where a fire can occur. It is also recommended to install a detector or siren (for alarm notifications) in rooms where people spend a significant amount of time or may not hear the alarm signal.

In case of an alarm, the Ajax security system notifies all users not only with a siren signal but also with push notifications, SMS, or calls (depending on the settings). The Interconnected Fire Detectors Alarms function enables the built-in sirens of all system fire detectors if at least one of them detects an alarm.

Where to install FireProtect

When installing the Ajax security system, provide good audibility of fire detector sirens and HomeSiren / StreetSiren / StreetSiren DoubleDeck sirens. It is also desirable that the LED indication of devices be visible.

We recommend installing FireProtect on the ceiling. When placed on a wall, the detectors can detect smoke and temperature fluctuations less efficiently.

In rooms with potential CO (carbon monoxide) sources, use FireProtect Plus detectors.

We recommend installing FireProtect at the highest point of the ceiling, at least 1 meter away from windows or exhaust hood. If there are beams on the ceiling that protrude 30 centimeters from the ceiling level, then at least one detector should be installed between every two beams.

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The detector is installed at a distance of no more than 5.3 meters from the wall and 7.5 meters from the corner of the room. The distance between multiple detectors should be 10.6 meters.

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In corridors up to 2 meters wide, the distance between detectors can be up to 15 meters. For corridors wider than 2 meters, the above-mentioned recommendations apply.

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If you have a suspended ceiling, then detectors are mounted on its surface. Secondary detectors are installed on the main ceiling if the distance between the suspended and main ceiling is more than 40 centimeters. When choosing the location for the detectors, take into account the fire load of the cables (fire hazard). The requirements are specified in the fire standards applicable in your area.

If you have a stretch ceiling, the detector is attached to it on a special structure for fire detectors.

Do not install the detector:

  • Outdoors.
  • In places with rapid air circulation (near the ceiling fan, air conditioner, exhaust hood, open doors, or windows).
  • At a distance of less than one meter from the cooker and its vertical plane.
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  • Near metal objects and mirrors causing radio signal attenuation or screening.
  • In a room with temperature or humidity that is out of range.
  • Near open sources of fire.
  • In an enclosed space (in a cabinet or behind a partition, curtain).
  • In places where access to the detector is hindered.
  • In proximity to kitchen appliances.

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