How to connect a wired detector to Transmitter


Any detectors or devices with NC/NO terminals may be connected to the Ajax security system, using the Transmitter:

  • gas detector
  • perimeter detector
  • temperature detector
  • vibration detector
  • alarm button
  • tamper

Transmitter characteristics

  • It turns external detectors into proper Ajax devices.
  • It can be placed in a detector body.
  • It can be installed both indoors and outdoors (in the body of an outdoor-type detector or in a sealed compartment).
  • It can be used as a power supply for the connected device (3.3 V power supply).
  • It is equipped with an accelerometer, which raises an alarm if the module is moved.
  • It operates at +50°С to −25°С and up to 90 % humidity without condensation.

The Transmitter only operates with Ajax Hubs. The device does not operate with ocBridge Plus or uartBridge!

Transmitter terminals functions

ajax transmitter
  • Power supply — is a 3.3 V power supply output for an external detector.
  • Alarm — means alarm terminals, to which NC/NO zones of an external detector is connected.
  • Tamperrefers to tamper zones, to which tamper outputs of an external detector is connected.

Examples of detectors connection

The scheme for connection of the Swan QUAD motion detector to the Transmitter:

ajax transmitter

The alarm zones are connected to the corresponding detector relay zones. The Transmitter tamper zones are started on the detector tamper zones. Since this detector uses 12 V power, it is powered from the outside, using a supply unit or battery.

To place the Transmitter inside the detector body, an interior of at least the following size is required: 110 × 41 × 24 mm. If the Transmitter cannot be installed inside the detector body, use an external radiotransparent body.

The length of the cable can be up to 15 meters of UTP conductor. For a larger cross-section, a longer cable can be used.

Do not install the Transmitter:

  • In a metal body.
  • Under temperature and humidity conditions that exceed the permissible limits for the device.

While selecting the detector installation point with the Transmitter module, the remoteness of the devices from hubs and the presence of facilities that prevent the radio signal flow should be considered. Before fixing the detector and the module connected with the screw, test the Transmitter signal level in the Ajax application.

Detectors and Transmitter compatibility chart

Equipment Power supply from transmitter Feasibility of installation of a detector inside the body Note
BX-80NR + +
FTN RAM + The body is too small for the Ajax Transmitter
HX-40RAM + +
HX-80NRAM + +
SL-350QNR + In order to monitor the supply of power to detectors, it is necesary to supplement the system with BCU-4
SL-350QFR + In order to monitor the supply of power to detectors, it is necesary to supplement the system with BCU-4
AX-100TFR +
AX-200TFR +

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