What is Delay When Entering/Leaving


Delay When Entering (delay in raising the alarm) is the time you have to disarm the security system after entering the premises.

How it works:

  1. You enter the secured premises.
  2. The detector registers an alert and initiates a countdown — you have to disarm the security system until the relevant time period runs out.
  3. If the system is not disarmed by the end of the countdown, an alarm is triggered.


Delay When Leaving (delay in raising the alarm) is the time you have to leave the premises after arming the security system.

How it works:

  1. You arm the security system.
  2. The detector initiates a countdown ignoring all current alerts.
  3. After the expiry of the delay time, the detectors switch to the armed mode.


If you do not leave the protected object before the exit delay expires, the detectors will be triggered, an alarm will be raised, and you will receive a notification in the Ajax app. For example, if the front door is closed after the exit delay is over. Note that a door closing event after the exit delay has expired does not raise an alarm, but you will receive a notification in the Ajax app.

ajax delay

The detector triggering (including closing the door on which DoorProtect is installed) after the exit delay expires starts the entry delay. This means that when you return to the protected object, the entry delay has already expired. If you do not disarm the system, the alarm will be instantly activated.

To avoid false alarms after the exit delay has expired, increase the delay time or use two-stage arming.

When you should use Delay When Entering/Leaving

Delays are convenient if you prefer to control the security system using your KeyPad installed inside the premises.

A delay represents a potential vulnerability as it gives intruders extra time to break into the secured premises. If you want to receive alarms instantaneously, do not use entry delay (Delay When Entering).

If you have a StreetSiren, StreetSiren DoubleDeck or HomeSiren siren, it will use beeps to count down the delay (audible warning).

How to set up delays in the Ajax security system

In the app:

  1. Go to Devices and select the required detector.
  2. Go to Settings .
  3. Specify the time delay for entry and/or leaving.
  4. Activate Delays in Night Mode if you wish to activate delays for Night Mode as well.
    Ajax mobil applications
  5. Click Back to apply the settings.

Remember that delays are only supported by motion and opening detectors, and the Transmitter integration module. Fire, glass breaking, and leak detectors do not support this feature.