Two-way wireless key fob with panic button


To configure protection against accidental SpaceControl clicks, go to the device settings and in the Accidental press protection select the option you want — double or long (more than 1.5 seconds) pressing.

The function is supported by SpaceControl with a firmware version or higher.


With OS Malevich 2.9 update, temporary deactivation of devices without removing them from the system has become available. Deactivation may be necessary if the device is incorrectly installed or configured, loses connection with hub, or is defective.

To deactivate a device, go to its settings (Ajax appDevices tab → select the device you needSettings Temporary Deactivation).


The communication range between the hub and the device without obstacles reaches up to 1300 meters.

If key fob commands are not delivered to the security system, relocate the hub to ensure as few obstacles as possible between the hub and the key fob.

If the range of the key fob is insufficient after relocation, use a security system ReX radio signal range extender


The QR-code is located on the box of a device. If it’s not convenient, demant the key fob (by separating the halves of the body using a thin flat object) — one more QR-code is inside.


In the current version of the firmware of the hub (OS Malevich 2.7.1), when using SpaceControl with the hub, you can disable only the alarm button.

To disable the alarm button:

  1. Go to the settings of the key fob
  2. Turn off the alarm button

Reassignment of the key fob buttons is not provided. It is possible to adjust the SpaceControl buttons flexibly when using the remote control to control the third party via the ocBridge Plus receiver.


You can’t assign the key fob to the several hubs. It can only work with one device it was assigned last.


Yes, you can. The keyfob is compatible with wired and wireless systems using Ajax ocBridge Plus or Ajax uartBridge.


Add a key fob to the receiver and assign buttons to the corresponding zones. The zones must be added to the 24-hour zones of the control panel.

Only one key fob button can be assigned to a single ocBridge Plus zone. When you select the type of zone “Arming/Disarming”, two buttons of the key fob are assigned to the zone at once (arming and disarming).


The loop (zone) number is required to add a guarded facility to the CMS along with descriptions of all devices connected to the hub.

The loop (zone) number is available in the settings after activating the group mode in the Ajax application:

  1. Hub Settings Groups

Having selected a group, you will see a list of its devices. Each device has a Device No. (or DeviceIndex in Ajax PRO Desktop) that corresponds to the loop (zone) number. A number is assigned when a device is attached to the Hub. The first added device has the first loop (zone) number.

After a device or a detector is removed, its number will be assigned to the next added device. However, the numbering of other devices will not change.


In the Ajax app, select the «Devices» tab . Information about the firmware version and device ID is located at the very bottom of the tab with the device parameters.

Ajax mobil applications

Go to the Device tab , select the device you want to check.

ajax security system application

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