What is Wings Signal Strength Test?


This test shows the level and stability of Wings radio protocol signal, which is used to transmit photos from a motion detector with visual alarm verification to the hub. Run a test to determine the best MotionCam / MotionCam Outdoor installation location.

The test is available in the MotionCam / MotionCam Outdoor menu settings:

  1. Ajax app → Devices → MotionCam / MotionCam Outdoor → Settings → Wings Signal Strength Test

MotionCam User Manual

MotionCam Outdoor User Manual

Timer and indication

In the test mode, the device communicates with the hub in real time, displaying the current signal strength in the Ajax app and simultaneously by means of LED indication.

The minimum device test time at the installation site is 1 minute. Carrying out the test before the timer completes the count is not mandatory.

Note that the test does not start instantly but at the end of the device polling period specified in the hub settings (up to 36 seconds by default).

Signal strength indication in the app Device LED indication Signal strength
3 bars The LED lights up continuously with a brief interruption (goes out for 20 ms once in 1.5 s) Excellent
2 bars LED blinks quickly (5 times per second) Satisfactory
1 bar LED blinks slowly (2 times per second) Poor
0 bars Short-term flashes (flash 20 ms once in 1.5 s) No connection

Device placement

We recommend installing the device in a place with excellent or satisfactory signal strength (2-3 bars).

With poor signal strength, we cannot guarantee stable operation of the security system. To improve the signal strength, move the device, as repositioning by even 20 cm might significantly improve the quality of communication.

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