What is Interconnected Fire Detectors Alarm


If at least one detector detects fire or smoke, then all FireProtect / FireProtect Plus (with firmware versions 3.42 and higher) on the premises can simultaneously turn on their built-in sirens. Interconnected Alarms are activated during one hub-detector ping interval (no more than 48 seconds).

This feature was recommended by European fire standards, which require an alarm power of at least 85 dB within 3 meters from the sound source. This allows even the deepest sleepers to wake up in case of a fire. And you can quickly disable the activated devices using a Ajax app, Button or KeyPad / KeyPad Plus (by turning on this option in the settings).

With the OS Malevich 2.12 update, users can mute fire alarms in their groups without affecting detectors in the groups to which they do not have access.

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Please note that when you turn on the Interconnected Alarms, you cannot set the hub-detector ping interval (Jeweller settings) of more than 48 seconds.

To enable Interconnected Alarms:

  1. Open the Devices tab in the Ajax app
  2. Select a hub
  3. Go to its Settings by pressing
  4. Select the Service item
  5. Go to the Fire detectors settings menu and activate the Interconnected Fire Detectors Alarms option
  6. If necessary, set the Delay of Interconnected Alarms from 0 to 5 minutes (in 1-minute increments). The option allows you to postpone the interconnected alarm for a specified period of time.

    When this option is inactive, the interconnected alarm is sent to all fire detectors within a minute.

The function works as follows:

  1. One of the FireProtect/FireProtect Plus detectors detects an alarm.
  2. Delay of Interconnected Alarms starts.
  3. The built-in siren of the fire detector informs the alarm. Users receive notifications in the Ajax app (if appropriate notifications are enabled). At the object, Ajax sirens are activated (if the corresponding settings are enabled).
    ajax fireprotect plus
  4. An alarm confirmation event is sent to the monitoring station and security system users, and the system starts the interconnected alarm for fire detectors if:
      • The interconnected alarm delay time has passed, and the triggered detector is still registering an alarm.
      • During the delay of the interconnected alarms, the triggered detector reports a different type of alarm (for example, the detector report the exceeding of the temperature threshold after a smoke alarm).
      • During the interconnected alarm delay, another fire detector in the system raised an alarm.

To give more time to eliminate the cause of false triggering of the detector, the user can delay the propagation of the interconnected alarm for another 10 minutes:

  • Through Ajax apps.
    ajax fireprotect plus
  • By pressing the KeyPad / KeyPad Plus function button (in the interconnected fire alarm muting mode).
  • By pressing the Button in the interconnected fire alarm muting mode.
  • By eliminating the cause of the alarm (fire detectors at the facility no longer detect an alarm).
  • By pressing the touch button of the triggered fire detector.

If a triggered detector does not return to a normal state within 10 minutes after the user postponed the interconnected alarm, another fire detector reports an alarm, or a triggered detector reports an alarm of another type (for example, temperature and smoke), the system will send an alarm confirmation and activate interconnected alarm for fire detectors.

ajax fireprotect plus

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