Can several security systems work at the same premises?


Yes, they can. However, to ensure correct operation, the distance of at least 1 meter should be maintained between the devices and the hub as well as between the hubs. At this distance, the radio frequency background of the hub antenna can affect signal strength, interfere with, or cause loss of connection with devices. Hubs do not interfere with other devices or with each other if the minimum distance is maintained.

To check the operability of the connected devices and select the best places for their installation, use the Signal Strength Test.

Work of several hubs within the same Internet network

Several hubs can operate within the same Internet network at the premises, regardless of whether they are connected via an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi, GSM and Jeweller technologies operate at different frequencies and do not interfere with each other.

Managing multiple hubs via the same application

You can manage numerous Ajax security systems using Ajax applications. To switch between systems (hubs), use the menu at the top of the application screen:

ajax multiple systems

The number of hubs in the application may be limited by the hardware capacity of the smartphone/tablet. A modern smartphone with Android version 4.4 and higher or iOS 11.0 and higher allows you to manage more than 50 hubs.

For convenient control of a large number of hubs, use PRO applications.

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