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The latest update of Ajax apps contains a new feature designed to help security companies monitor vacant properties: apartments, houses, construction sites, and more. With the new feature, security companies can quickly override privacy settings and maintain constant access to visual data. This saves time in reconfiguring each object when monitoring vacant properties in large quantities.

  • Ajax PRO: Tool for Engineers iOS 1.17
  • Ajax PRO: Tool for Engineers AOS 1.17
  • PRO Desktop 3.6
  • Ajax Security System iOS 2.23
  • Ajax Security System AOS 2.26

How it works

Security company personnel can mark an object (property) as vacant using the PRO apps, available on desktop and mobile devices. Once marked, all the streams from security cameras and photo-verification options become available to the employee despite any privacy settings. The employee must have the necessary permissions to edit the object information and consent to privacy notice before enabling the functionality for each Ajax system.

ajax empty properties

If the property marked as vacant has any end users, they will receive a warning on the control tab. They can read a detailed warning description by tapping on the camera icon. End users (including those who can change the privacy settings) cannot change the security company’s permissions.

ajax empty properties

How to activate the feature

Before taking advantage of the new functionality, security companies must sign a data-transfer agreement with Ajax Systems — this protects possible end users legally. Once the agreement is signed, the security company can activate the feature in PRO apps. The feature is solely available for Ajax partners having a company account registered in PRO Desktop; to activate it, the company needs to contact their local Business Development Manager.

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