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Which CMSs can Ajax hubs be connected to?

It is possible to provide reception of events involving a hub with the following CMSs:

  • Phoenix (Safety and security)
  • Sims II
  • Jablotron
  • Paradox
  • Security Centre 5 (C.Nord)
  • Kobra (Rubezh) (operation requires LC-CPM event source that operates using the SurGard protocol. The upload via COM or TCP port is configured using the software)
  • Most 5 Fire alarm monitoring (Tiras)
  • Planar 16 2.5.10 (successfully receives via TCP)
  • Egida-3
  • Ritm
  • Mirazh

and others that support the Contact-ID message format.

Hubs can send events to the Translator via several communication channels:

  1. Via the Ajax Cloud server.
  2. Using both communication channels while the server will serve as a backup channel. (link, it is obligatory to mention the server)
  3. Directly to the CMS — bypassing the server.

👉🏻 How can the Ajax security system be connected to the CMS by the security company?

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