What is Geofence and how to configure this function


Geofence represents a reminder function for notifying the user of arming and disarming of the Ajax security system when a user-defined boundary is crossed.

The function is not available in the application Ajax PRO: Tool For Engineers

How Geofence works

The boundary of the geofence is specified in the Ajax application. The smartphone operating system registers the crossing of the geofence boundary and communicates the event to the Ajax application. The application sends a reminder:

  • Arm the Ajaxif the smartphone has left the geofence and the security system is disarmed.
  • Disarm the Ajax — if the smartphone enters the geofence and the security system is armed.

The reminder is sent only to the user who has crossed the geofence boundary. The Ajax application does not have data regarding the location of other security system users.

Geofence function uses the smartphone location tracking service. The Ajax application does not have access to the data regarding user movement.

How to enable Geofence

Only the hub administrator has the right to configure the Geofence function. Users can select the type of reminders as well as disable them.

In the Ajax mobile application:

  1. Go to DevicesHubSettings Geofence.
  2. In the GPS field, click Disabled.
    ajax application
  3. Specify the following:
    • location of the guarded facility on the map
    • geofence radius (from 100 m to 3000 m)
  4. Enable Geofence. Click Back to save the settings.
    ajax application

    If the Geofence function has been enabled previously and you want to change its settings, click Enable in the GPS field.

    ajax application
  5. Select the necessary reminders from the list:
    • remind to arm when leaving
    • remind to disarm when approaching

The Geofence function only works if the GPS module is active on the smartphone (geodata transfer is enabled) and Internet access is available.

For correct operation of the function

  • If you have an iPhone: in the application settings (Settings → Privacy → Location services → Ajax) select Always.
    ajax android settings
  • If you have an Android smartphone: select the highest accuracy of location determination in the GPS settings of the smartphone.
    ajax ios settings

What to do if reminders about arming / disarming fail to arrive

  • Check if the Ajax application has access to the smartphone geodata and the Internet.
  • Change the geofence radius. Perhaps, the smartphone loses internet connection at the boundary. For example, if the boundary of the zone coincides with the subway crossing.
  • Check the notification settings of the Ajax application — they may be assigned low priority or are blocked by the system.

If you still fail to receive reminders, contact the Ajax Systems support service.