How to replace batteries in StreetSiren DoubleDeck


In order to replace batteries:

  1. Turn off the external power of the siren, if connected.
  2. Unscrew the fixing screw from the bottom of the siren with a Ph 2 screwdriver if the siren is mounted on the SmartBracket mounting plate.
  3. Remove the siren from the SmartBracket mounting panel, turning it counterclockwise if the siren is mounted on the mounting plate.
  4. Turn off the device by pressing the power button for 3 seconds.
  5. Turn off the external power supply (if applicable) by unscrewing the terminal blocks and disconnecting the power wires.
  6. Place the front side of the siren on a hard surface and unscrew the 4 screws on the rear panel with a PH 2 screwdriver.
  7. Turn the siren over while holding the front and back of the body. Remove the protective plastic panel.

    When installing the panel, do not remove the plastic frame and do not remove the LED strip from the seat! There can be a non-hardening sealant on the piezoelectric detector. Do not wipe it! If the sealant contaminates your hands, wipe it off with a napkin.

  8. Replace 4 CR123A batteries observing the polarity (indicated on the board).

    It is necessary to change all the batteries at once to ensure proper operation of the siren. Do not install used or damaged batteries.

  9. Put back the protective plastic panel (the Ajax logo located on the side of the LED strip connection to the board) exerting slight effort. When properly installed, the metal grating will protrude over the plastic frame by 1-1.5 mm at most.
  10. Turn the siren over while holding the front and back of the body, and tighten 4 screws.
  11. Turn the siren on and check the battery status in the application. The information regarding the battery status will be updated during the next polling of the siren by the hub (denepnds on the Jeweller settings, default value — 36 seconds).
  12. Install the siren back and connect the external power supply. Secure the siren in the mount with a bundled bolt.

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