What is duress code, and how to use it


The duress code allows simulating the security system disarming. In this case, a user won’t be given away by the Ajax app and sirens installed at the facility, and the security company and other security system users will be warned about the incident.

Alarm special features when entering the duress code:

  1. The security company’s Central Monitoring Station (CMS) will receive a “disarming under duress” alarm event. A rapid response team goes to the object.
  2. All the security system users receive the notification about the system disarming (marked with a red icon ).

If the security system is disarmed by mistake, contact the security company CMS.

The keypad supports both a general duress code and a personal one. The general duress code is set in the keypad settings.

You can set a personal code in the user settings. Each user sets this code individually.

Learn more about controlling security modes with access codes in the keypads’ User Manuals on the Support website.

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