The duress code. How do I use it?


The duress code allows for simulating an alarm shutdown. In this case, you won’t be given away by the Ajax application and sirens installed at the facility, and the security company and other security system users will be warned about the incident.

Alarm special features when entering the duress code:

  • The security company’s Central Monitoring Station (CMS) will receive a “disarming under duress” alarm event. The response unit responds accordingly after arriving at the facility.
  • All users of your hub receive notifications of security system disarming, where the disarming icon (torn circle on the user icon) will be red.

If the security system is disarmed using the duress code by mistake, contact the Central Monitoring Station (CMS)

The duress code can be set in the user settings:

  1. HubSettings UsersYour profile settings User passcode

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