How can PRO-account gain access to the hub


Installers, engineers, and security company operators use Ajax PRO accounts.

There are two types of PRO-accounts:

  • PRO accounts with full administrative rights;
  • PRO accounts without access to the hub settings.

Linking hubs to PRO account

In order to link a new hub:

Click Add Hub in the Ajax application and follow the hub linking standard procedure.

Once the hub is linked, the PRO account privileges provide unlimited time to configure the system.

When you add a hub administrator, the PRO account loses permanent rights but the access to the system configuration is available for another 8 hours. Addition of users to the hub does not change the rights provided by the PRO account.

In order to link an already installed hub:

Use the administrator account in the Ajax application:

  1. Select the hub in the list of devices.
  2. Go to Settings .
  3. Select the Installers item.
  4. Click Send Invitation Enter the PRO account email addressClick Send Invitations.

The PRO account with system configuration rights valid for 8 hours will be added to the hub. An access time timer is displayed in the application in the hub tab.

ajax pro app

The access will be blocked after 8 hours. In order to regain access, you will have to send another request.

If the hub is left without an administrator (the PRO account has cancelled the rights or the relevant administrator has been removed from the hub), the PRO account is granted continuous access to the hub settings to avoid situations where the hub is left without an administrator.

In order to request access to the hub settings:

ajax pro application
  1. Click the No Access button (or the access time timer).
  2. Select the desired Access Time or the Permanent Access option.

The hub administrator will then receive a push notification with an access request. The confirmed request is applied within a minute.

If the field is not displayed, the account provides continuous access to the hub.

After linking the already installed hubs, you do not need to reconfigure the system as all parameters are saved.

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