How to calculate the time of operation of the central panel from an external battery


Divide the capacity of the external battery by the power consumption of the central panel.

Power consumption of the central panel depends mostly on active communication modules — the average values ​​are indicated in the table:

Central panel Active communication modules Average input current
Hub GSM 42 mA
Ethernet 80 mA
GSM+Ethernet 90 mA
Hub Plus GSM 35 mA
Ethernet 72 mA
GSM+Ethernet 93 mA
Wi-Fi 20 mA
Wi-Fi+GSM 42 mA
Wi-Fi+Ethernet 80 mA
Wi-Fi+GSM+Ethernet 96 mA
Hub 2 GSM 33 mA
Ethernet 80 mA
GSM+Ethernet 86 mA
Hub 2 Plus GSM 146 mA
Ethernet 200 mA
GSM+Ethernet 248 mA
Wi-Fi 98 mA
Wi-Fi+GSM 147 mA
Wi-Fi+Ethernet 213 mA
Wi-Fi+GSM+Ethernet 285 mA
ReX 20 mA

For instance, when connected to a 40A·h battery, Hub 2 — with active GSM module only — will operate approximately 1200 hours (40A·h / 0.033A).

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