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Personal KeyPad passwords

In Malevich 2.6, the ability to create a personalized keyboard code has been added. Now the keyboard can work with one common password and with the user's personal password.

Creating a personal keyboard password requires a user profile connected to the hub (it can be a regular user, an administrator or Pro). You can not set a personal password without connecting a user profile to the hub. The user sets his own personal password and password under duress in the application (Hub settings->Users), while nobody except the user knows this password (the administrator of the hub and/or PRO users do not see the user's password).
In order to use the user's personal passwords, you must enable this feature in the keyboard settings. There are three possible options:
- "KeyPad passcode only";
- "User passcode only";
- "Keyboard and user passcode"

It is necessary to select either "User passcode only" if you want to use only personal codes or "Keyboard and user passcode" if you want to use personal codes and one universal password for those who do not have an account on the hub and/or for some reason you do not want to give it to him.

Next, to add a personal password, each user enters the Ajax application, selects the necessary hub (if there are several ones),

then go to the tab of the necessary hub, after that, through the settings of the hub

go to the Users tab, where

a specific user either can see only his account, or accounts of all users (if he is the administrator of the hub). 

You need to go into the user settings and set your own keyboard password and code under duress
Instructions for using your own passwords are also on this screen:

After setting a personal password and learning how to use the feature, save it by pressing the "Back" button.

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