What to know about Ajax SIM


Ajax SIM is a service featuring a pre-installed roaming SIM card. It’s designed to integrate seamlessly with an Ajax system to comprehensively control residential and commercial premises.

SIM cards are pre-installed on the hubs, configured, and ready to go. With Ajax SIM you don’t need Ethernet or Wi-Fi to connect the hub to Ajax Cloud – the SIM is active upon installation. The SIM card is pre-activated by the mobile operator. No need to put it in a smartphone to activate it.

How to activate Ajax SIM?

  1. Add the hub in the Ajax app.
  2. Go to the Devices tab.
  3. Select the hub from the list. You will see the message “Ajax SIM activation required”.

    This activation actually launches the Ajax billing process with your Reseller (Central Monitoring Station).

  4. Follow the steps of the activation instructions and select your Reseller and the Package from the list. Currently, you will have just one Package to select.

To be able to activate Ajax SIM, send a connection request to your Reseller via PRO Desktop beforehand.

Who are the Reseller and the Dealer?

Dealer is an installation company that offers Ajax Services, including Ajax SIM, to their customers. Reseller is a monitoring company that distributes Ajax Services among Dealer companies. Not all installation companies act as Dealers, and not all monitoring companies act as Resellers.

How to send a connection request via PRO Desktop?

The Dealer company should send a linkage request to the Reseller.

This feature is available for users with Company accounts and Service Managers.

  1. Go to the Services module.
  2. Open the Your Resellers menu.
  3. Click Add Reseller.
  4. Enter the email of the reseller company you want to send the connection request, or select your Reseller from the list.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Information about the reseller found via e-mail will be displayed on the screen.
  7. Click Send request.
  8. The Reseller should approve your request.
  9. If a request is approved, Ajax SIM will be activated.

Why do I need to activate Ajax SIM?

If you do not activate your SIM card within 30 days, we will deactivate it. This means that a hub will stop sending and receiving signals via Ajax SIM until you activate it.

Which Malevich OS version do I need to activate Ajax SIM?

Minimum compatibility requirements for Ajax SIM cards: Malevich 2.16 or higher.

Can I use another SIM card with an Ajax hub?

Yes, each hub has 2 SIM slots. You can use your SIM card in the second slot. However, we recommend using Ajax SIM as an additional backup channel.

What if the SIM card does not work?

Firstly, check the Malevich OS version. It should be Malevich 2.16 or higher.

If the SIM card does not work after turning on the hub or after resetting the settings, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Devices tab in the Ajax app.
  2. Select the hub from the list.
  3. Check the internet connection status of the hub via Ethernet.

    Internet connection status of the hub via Ethernet:

    • Connected — the hub is connected to Ajax Cloud via Ethernet.
    • Disconnected — the hub is not connected to Ajax Cloud via Ethernet.
  4. Check the Cellular Data status.

    The hub connection status to the mobile Internet:

    • Connected — the hub is connected to Ajax Cloud via mobile Internet.
    • Disconnected — the hub is not connected to Ajax Cloud via mobile Internet.
  5. Go to Settings by clicking on the icon .
  6. Go to Cellular settings.
  7. Turn on the Roaming toggle.
  8. At the SIM cards menu, choose SIM 1 (usually Ajax SIM is installed in the first slot).
  9. Set the APN for Ajax SIM: internet.gma.iot.
  10. Click Back to save the new settings.
  11. Wait a minute for the SIM card to connect automatically. If both communication channels are installed, the hub LED will light up white. If one channel is connected, the LED will light up green.

If the SIM card does not work, please contact our Technical Support. They will help you.

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