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How can I restrict access to some functions of the Hub?

With the firmware version of the Hub 2.6 and latest you can limit the user's access to the following functionality:

  • Nightmode activation
  • Panic Button
  • View cameras
  • Switch Control (WallSwitch)
  • View devices and rooms
  • View notifications

All these settings you can find in the user's settings (Hub ⇒ ⚙️ ⇒ Users ⇒ User settings).

Also, you can control rights for certain users can for groups (Hub ⇒ ⚙️ ⇒ Users ⇒ User settings ⇒ Groups).

The rights to the group, viewing notifications, devices and rooms can only be removed from the user account!

After the administrator removed the rights to view devices, rooms and notifications for the user account, the application will look next:

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