Video Surveillance

On integrating the security video cameras and DVRs into the Ajax security system


You can connect any IP camera using RTSP to the Ajax security system. In total, you can connect up to 10 cameras to Hub, up to 25 cameras to Hub 2 and up to 50 cameras to Hub Plus.

Dahua cameras and video recorders can be added by scanning their QR codes (similarly to Ajax devices). And Hikvision and Safire video surveillance systems can be added to the hub with a few clicks. So you don’t have to waste time on setting up network equipment.

Dahua video recorders allow you to bypass the limit on the number of video surveillance devices that can be connected to the hub: up to 10 for Hub, up to 25 for Hub 2 and up to 50 for Hub Plus. The video recorder is a single device to which you can connect multiple video cameras. The video stream from each camera will be available in the Ajax app.


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