A CMS app to monitor Ajax security systems


911 automatically checks the server for updates. As soon as an update is available, the app will prompt you to update to the current version.

ajax update 911

Click Reboot and the app will install the update automatically.

When the update is complete, the app opens again.


To remove an object completely:

  1. Go to the Objects menu.
  2. Select the object.
  3. Click the button with a bin icon.

The object is then moved to Bin and automatically deleted after 7 days. To delete items without waiting 7 days, select an item in the Bin and click the Delete Now button at the bottom of the screen.


To transfer data from Translator to 911, contact your Ajax manager.

After transferring objects, go to the Hubs menu in 911 (Menu → Company → Hubs) and create Objects for all necessary systems.

Not yet created objects have the No Object status in the 911 status field.

After confirming and transferring objects, check that objects have been created in 911 for all hubs.

Please note that hubs are not removed from Translator after transferring. This way you can simultaneously use Translator and 911 to monitor alarms and events.


911 supports an unlimited number of objects.


911 maintains a detailed log of alarms and security system events, as well as employee actions within the program.

The entries in Journal are kept for up to two years. Older records are removed.


The objects which alarms and events ignored by 911 are located in the Sleep Mode tab. Events from such objects are not displayed in the New tab but are recorded in the Journal.

An operator or another employee who has access to the monitoring module can switch the object to Sleep Mode if engineering work is carried out at the object or false alarms are received from it.

ajax sleep 911

Photos from MotionCam motion detectors are available to the monitoring station operator in the alarm processing window and in the Journal.

ajax 911 photo

Through visual verification, the user of the system and the operator of the monitoring station see the cause of the alarm. This minimizes false calls and unnecessary communication with the client.


You need an Ajax PRO account to log in 911. It differs from the account created in the Ajax Security System app.

If you have a PRO account, use your password and email to log in.

If you have not used a PRO app yet, create a PRO account.