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What the loss of communication between the hub and the server means

The Ajax Cloud service enables the user to manage the security system through specific applications remotely, it sends push notifications about alarms, and monitors the status of the equipment (attributed to regular hub – server communication sessions).

The loss of communication with the equipment means the weakening or complete disabling of the protection that the users and the security company must be aware of.

The Ajax Cloud service can communicate with the hub through several independent channels: Ethernet, 2G/3G, and Wi-Fi. An alarm is sent if the hub loses connection with the Ajax Cloud service simultaneously via all communication channels.

Why the connection between the hub and the server may fail?

  • Failure of the communication service provider's network equipment or the relevant equipment located at the protected facility.
  • The services of the communication service provider have not been paid for.

  • The hub has been turned off (the hub sends a corresponding notification before turning off).
  • The hub does not have an external power source and the backup battery is discharged (the hub notifies the users and the security company of the critical battery level before turning off).
  • Hardware failure of the hub.

  • Sabotage of the system: wired communication channels have been cut off and the radio has been jammed or the hub has been disabled.

If the connection between the hub and the Ajax Cloud service is lost, it is recommended to check the connection of the hub to the internet. If the hub is connected to the monitoring station of the security organization, contact the security company and discuss further actions.

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