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How to use the Relay

Connect devices to our new relay to never waste time on routine processes again. That means the Relay has a notable psychotherapeutic effect as well.

Gates and traffic barriers. Opened by a single click in the Ajax Security System mobile app, which means no more pesky key ring. The app is also password and fingerprint protected, so unauthorized persons can’t access it without your permission.


Roller blinds and curtains. Can be automatically opened and closed when people come home or leave for the office.


Electric locks. Locked when the system is armed and opened after disarming. Checking that everything is locked has never been easier.


Routers. If network equipment is connected through the Relay, an unresponsive router can be restarted directly from your smartphone. The hub will even continue to operate through the GSM channel and intercept the connection via Ethernet after the router is restarted.


Electric Valves. These valves help shut off water and gas supply remotely in the event of an accident when you are away. They also disconnect utilities automatically when you go to work or on vacation.

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