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What is the group mode?

Here’s a video tutorial on how to set up and make use of the newest Ajax features:

Group Mode

Now you can choose to arm the entire premises, a few rooms or even just a couple of detectors. In all, users now have the ability to create 9 groups in a hub.

Setting up Group Mode

Hub ➞ Settings (gear icon) ➞  Groups

An administrator activates Group Mode.

Devices can only be placed in one group. When you add a device to a new group, it gets removed from the old one.

Administrators can give or revoke access to groups. When access is revoked, groups will disappear from a user’s app. And groups can be exempt from Ajax system arming.

Group Mode may be deactivated. Created groups and settings will still be saved.

Controlling groups with the KeyPad

Hub ➞ Settings (gear icon) ➞ Groups

The keypad can arm or disarm specific groups. To do this, simply enter your code, then tap asterisk ✽, zero (0) and enter the group ID. Group IDs can be found in the hub settings.

Setting up a key fob and keypad

Key fobs and keypads can be set to arm or disarm an entire premises or a single group. This can be changed in the key fob or keypad settings.

The app as a key fob

Hub ➞ Settings (gear icon) ➞ Users ➞ User Settings (gear icon)

Devices, Rooms and Notifications tabs can all be hidden from regular users. The options can be found in user settings: “View Devices and Rooms”, “View Notifications.”

Available groups

Hub ➞ Settings (gear icon) ➞ Users ➞ User Settings (gear icon) ➞ Groups

Users can be restricted from seeing selected groups.

Night Mode

Hub ➞ Settings (gear icon) ➞ Users ➞ User Settings (gear icon)

Partial arming has been renamed Night Mode. Night Mode allows you to arm only detectors that protect the perimeter. Thieves will not sneak into the house while you sleep.

For a detector to work in Night Mode, “Arm in Night Mode” must be selected in the detector settings. Delays for arming / disarming can also be set during Night Mode.

Administrators can revoke a user’s Night Mode permissions.

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