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Where should I install the CombiProtect detector?

The sensor can be installed at home, in the office or at industrial sites. Thanks to the thought-out design of the mount, the sensor can easily be positioned on even surfaces and in the corners of the premises.

When selecting a CombiProtect installation location, please take into account the lens direction, detection range of motion and glass break and presence of any obstacles impairing the view and radio signal transmission. The detector body is located in a way that the lens axis is parallel to ground level and the supposed path of intruder entry passes perpendicular to the lens axis.

Recommended installation height - 2,4 m.

The GlassProtect detector microphone should be positioned at the angle no more than 90 degrees relative to the window(s). Make sure that any curtains, plants, furniture or other objects do not overcover the microphone hole.

Do not install the detector:

  • Outside the premises (outdoors)
  • Nearby sirens and annunciators
  • In the direction of the window, when the detector lens is exposed to direct sunlight
  • Opposite any object with the rapidly changing temperature (e.g., electrical and gas heaters)
  • Opposite any moving objects with the temperature close to the one of the human body (oscillating curtains above the radiator)
  • At any places with fast air circulation (air fans, open windows or doors)
  • Nearby any metal objects and mirrors causing radio signal attenuation or screening it
  • Within any premises with the temperature and humidity beyond the range of permissible limits.
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